Tuscan Spray Tan August 20, 2012 14:17 3 Comments

Warmer weather is finally approaching and with that comes  holiday escapes ,bare legs and lighter clothing . Now is the time to start preparing your skin and trialing the great colours of Tuscan tan spray tanning .

Tuscan Tan™ professional spray tan solutions contain a unique combination of violet based bronzers that produce an instant natural tan shade when sprayed on the skin, and prevent yellow /orange undertones in the developed tan. The solution adapts to any skin type as it picks up and adopts the skin's individual darker tones, whilst deepening the colour of its lighter variations to produce the most authentic looking tan in any shade desired, from lightly sun-kissed through to the darkest of tans. Better still, the tan is non-sticky, smudge proof and completely odourless once the tan has developed.

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The tan is prayed on with a specially made air gun in a properly ventilated unit . The result is a pecfectly applied (airbrushed look) with no streaking and no dark patches . The odour is minimal and tan last up to 10days .