Why is it a must to use products containing active ingredients? July 28, 2017 15:10 98 Comments

Why is it a must to use products with active ingredients in them? 

Simple put, to increase skin renewal and therefore prevent premature aging .

To understand that, we need to clarify what is skin renewal, how it affects the skin and how the skin age.

The skin (our body's largest organ) has an amazing ability to completely renew itself every 28 days . This process begins when skin cell is produced in the lowest layer of our epidermis and over 28 days makes its way up the layers of the skin to finally be shed. 

As we age this cell renewal process slows down . This can be due to metabolic ageing processes or environmental factors as well as lifestyle and diet.

Some of the signs of the slowing down of skin renewal can include:

  • A dull, lack lustre appearence.
  • Signs of ageing including lines and wrinkles. 
  • Rough, skin tone. 
  • Skin discolouration and pigmentation.
  • Uneven skin tone.
  • Loss of elasticity.

If those signs are obvious to you, it is possible that the skin renewal rate is slower than what it was when you were younger. 

Have a look at skin renewal rates in age brackets :

  • Babies - Skin renewal turnover appox 14 days.                                       
  • Teenagers - Skin renewal rate 21-28 days.                                 
  • Middle Age - skin renewal rate 28-42 days.
  • 50+ -Skin renewal rate 42-84 days.                                                 

There are some simple daily routines to combat  slowed skin renewal process. 

1.Use a sun protection cream 50+ every day. Uv light damages cells in their germulative state. This slows the rate of cell division and renewal.  A good SPF 50+ protects against UVA and UVB, premature ageing and skin damage. UVA and UVB protection is the most important part of any anti-kjageing strategy.

 2. Make sure the natural barrier function is protected ie. use a good moisturiser.  This will;

    • Increases moisture and hydration to improve skin barrier function.
    • Strengthens, repairs, soothes and protects.
    • Decreases sensitivity and irritation for dry, hyper sensitive skin.

      3. Regularly Exfoliate .

    Exfolliating assists the removal of dead, shedding skin cells on the surface of your skin . This in turn speeds up the cell renewal process and leaves the surface of the skin smooth and clear .

    Having active incredients in your skin care products will help to increase the rate of skin renewal . This will be achieved by assisting the skin cell removal from the surface of the skin while actively stimulating the lower levels of the skin responcible for cell renewal . 



    • Some suggestions of Skinstitut products containing active ingrediants are :
    1. L-lactic cleanser/ Glycolic Cleanser 12%
      .The use of Alpha Hydoxy acids in both of these cleansers enhance skin shedding  and increases skin renewal turnover.
    2. Skinstituts Retinol Serum
       Contains (SYN®-AKE) and peptides Encapsulated advanced delivery system. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that promotes cell renewal in the skin by increasing collagen and elastin production. Skin appears smoother with a clearer, lifted and more even skin tone.
    3. Even Blend Serum . With Glycolic acid 
    • Reduces the appearance of uneven tone caused by sun exposure, skin inflammation or hormone imbalance
    • Exfoliates and smooths for a softer & more refined skin textureAddresses age spots, skin discolouration and brightens uneven skin tone resulting in a more luminous and radiant complexion.


            Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Ultra Dry June 7, 2016 15:22 27 Comments

            Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Ultra Dry

            Intense hydration for ultra-dry skin

            For dry skin or premature ageing

            Skinstitut launches new Moisture Defence Ultra Dry, developed to soothe, hydrate and
            replenish the thirstiest of skin. Utilising the latest in anti-ageing technology, Moisture
            Defence Ultra Dry acts as a protective salve to fight extreme cold and dry
            environmental conditions while turning back the clock on premature signs of

            Formulated with the latest in anti-ageing technology, Moisture Defence Ultra Dry is the first step in repairing skin’s barrier function.
            This rich daily moisturiser contains NEW Progeline™ a patented peptide that works to
            inhibit collagen and elastin breakdown. This powerful ingredient is a biomimetic peptide that decreases the skins production of ageing skin biomarker and toxic protein, progerine, inhibiting collagen and elastin breakdown and thereby improving
            the appearance of lines, firmness, density and viscoelasticity in slackened skin.

            This new formulation also integrates Green Tea Extract, a powerful antioxidant which assists with the prevention of collagen break down and reduces UV induced skin damage. Olive Fruit Extract provides anti-inflammatory properties to nourish dry skin 
            and Oat Extract works to calm and soothe dry itchy skin.

            For best results, use in conjunction with a complete Skinstitut 5- a-day programme, or as prescribed by your Professional Skinstitut Skin Therapist

            • Intense hydration and nourishment with biomimetic peptides
            • Jawline lifting appearance
            • Improves the appearance of lines and loss of elasticity
            • Provides antioxidant protection
            • Soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing
            • Assists to relieve irritated or itchy skin with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
            • Anti-inflammatory
            • Used daily for extreme protection
            • May be used at night for a complete remodelling effect

            Progeline™, Olive Fruit Oil, Oat Extract and Green Tea Extract


            Directions for use
            Can be used morning/evening. Use daily, after cleansing as the last step before sunscreen application and at
            night as the final step in your skincare regime. Apply to face, neck and décolletage.
            Available from 30th June 2016 at Complete Skincare
            RRP: $45.00 AUD

            Anti- Ageing . Reclaiming a radiant , more youthful complexion . May 17, 2016 12:25 22 Comments

            What is Premature ageing ?

            It is only natural to experience changes in the skin as we age, however some of us experience these changes earlier than we would like. This can be due to lifestyle and health factors that accelerate breakdown of healthy tissue.

            Signs of premature ageing:

            Dry, dull skin                                             Uneven blotchy complexion

            Fine lines                                                   Wrinkles and 'saggy' Skin

            Loss of elasticity in the skin                      Crows feet, frown lines and deep expression lines

            Dark circle under eyes                              Hyper pigmentation and sun spots .

            Consider this great Anti-ageing solution  Skinstitut's Retinol.Retinol Reverses ,prevents and repairs the appearence of skin damage due to premature aging .

            This nightly serum is fantastic at preventing and repairing the appearance of skin damage by providing intense correction suitable for most skins . it contains active ingredients including:

            • SYN-Ake - Helps facials muscles stay relaxed. Excellent for anti wrinkle effect and aids in smoothing expression lines .
            • Encapsulated Retinol - Potent form of Vit A that promotes cell renewal in skin by increasing Collagen and Elastin production. Skin appears smoother,clearer, lifted and more even in skin tone 
            • Hyaluronic Acid - Stimulate hydration by drawing and retaining moisture in the skin 
            • Vitamin B5 - Anti-inflammatory ingredient which reduces redness and is soothing and healing.
            • Edelweiss - Excellent Anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger,provides photo protection and minimizes premature ageing .
            • Ceramide Complex - Provides a balanced moisture content and improves skin condition.  

            Apply one pump every other evening building up to every evening on a clean dry skin . Skinstitut's  Vitamin C may be added to increase potency . 

            Come into Salon and chat more to our wonderful staff or visit on line by





            makeup event May 3, 2016 15:51 14 Comments

            Complete skincare

            Thursday 26th May 3.00pm -7.00pm

            Limited spaces . To book please call 98884050

            $30 booking fee per person ,redeemable on products .

            Bookings essential

            New looks from Jane Iredale . Marsala February 23, 2015 17:46 8 Comments

            Makeup looks inspired by Marsala

            marsala pantoneWe’re loving the gorgeous looks that can be created with this year’s Pantone color of the year, Marsala. This beautiful shade of deep wine pairs amazing with colors like gold, bronze, pink and peach and is stunning on nails, lips, cheeks and even eyes. We were so inspired by Marsala that we’ve created two looks below. Keep reading for how you can recreate these yourself, plus click the model image to try them on in our makeover room!


            1. marsala and rose goldStart by applying your shade of PurePressed Base, spritz with your favorite Hydration Spray.
            2. Shape your brows with the Bitty Brow Kit in your shade.
            3. Apply Bone Eye Shadow to your entire brow bone using the Deluxe Shader Brush.
            4. Using the Crease Brush, apply Rose Gold Eye Shadow in your crease.
            5. Gently pat Dark Suede Eye Shadow onto your eyelid using the other side of your Deluxe Shader Brush.
            6. Using your Chisel Shader Brush, apply Espresso Eye Shadow to the outer corner of your eye; blend well using the Crease Brush.
            7. Line your top lash line and outer 3/4 of your bottom lash line with the Dark Topaz Mystikol.
            8. Apply PureLash Extender & Conditioner followed by Espresso Longest Lash Mascara.
            9. Using the Dome Brush, apply In Love PurePressed Blush to the apples of your cheeks.
            10. Finish your look with Katerina PureMoist Lipstick followed by Raspberry PureGloss Lip Gloss.


            1. fresh and clean marsalaStart by applying your shade of Glow Time BB Cream.
            2. Using the Deluxe Shader Brush, gently pat on Champagne Eye Shadow to your brow bone.
            3. Using the other side of your Deluxe Shader Brush, apply Peach Sherbet Eye Shadow to your entire eye lid.
            4. Using the Crease Brush, apply Cappucinio Eye Shadow in your crease, blend well.
            5. Line your top lash line using the Basic Black Eye Pencil.
            6. Apply PureLash Extender & Conditioner followed by Black Ice Longest Lash Mascara.
            7. Using your fingertips, apply Charisma In Touch Cream Blush to your cheeks.
            8. Finish your look with Venice Just Kissed Lip Plumper.

            What look do you like best? Tell us below, or visit our makeover room and create your own Marsala inspired look!

            New Years Eve makeup with Jane Ireadle December 30, 2014 22:34 11 Comments

            New Years Eve Party Looks

            New Year’s Eve is one of our favourite nights of the year – there’s nothing better than getting together with your nearest and dearest to celebrate the year that was and welcome the year to come.

            So, whether you’re hitting the beach, having a romantic night in, or ringing in 2015 at a glamorous party, we’ve listed our top three makeup looks to suit the occasion.

            Follow our step-by-step tips on achieving the makeup look for your 2014/2015 new year.

            Blog - Beach

            BEACH PARTY Makeup Look
            STEP 1 EYES: Using the medium brown from the Triple Cognac PurePressed Eye Shadow Trio, apply as a colour wash to the eyelid, sweep colour through the crease of the eye and apply a soft wash underneath the lower lash line using the Crease Brush. Highlight inner corners of the eye using the lightest shade in Triple Cognac PurePressed Eye Shadow Trio. Using the White Eye Pencil line the inside of the eye.
            STEP 2 LASHES: Apply two coats of Black Onyx PureLash Mascara to the top lashes.
            STEP 3 CHEEKS: Apply Connection In Touch Cream Blush to the apples of the cheeks using the Blending Brush.
            STEP 4 LIPS: Stain lips using L.A Just Kissed Lip Plumper and add a slick of Iced Mocha PureGloss Lip Gloss.

            Blog - Cocktail

            COCKTAIL PARTY Makeup Look
            STEP 1 BROWS: Comb brows into place, then using both the wax and row powder from Brunette Bitty Brow Kit, apply to brows creating a strong defined brow.
            STEP 2 EYELINER: Apply Black Jelly Jar Gel Eye Liner along the top lash line using the Angled Eye Liner Brush, extending slightly on the outer corner.
            STEP 3 LASHES: Apply two coats of Black Ice Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara to top lashes.
            STEP 4 LIPS: To create a diffused matte pink stained lip use Craze Lip Fixation – the lip stain end only. Blend using a cotton tip or lip brush.

            Blog - Romantic

            ROMANTIC NIGHT IN Makeup Look
            STEP 1 EYES: Apply Wink PurePressed Eye Shadow to the entire lid and blend through crease of the eye using the Crease Brush.
            STEP 2 BROWS: Groom and define brows by using both the wax and brow powder from Brunette Bitty Brow Kit.
            STEP 3 LASHES: Apply two coats of PureLash Lengthening Mascara in Jet Black to top and bottom lashes.
            STEP 4 CHEEKS: Give cheeks a soft peach flush using Copper Wind PurePressed Blush using the Dome Brush.
            STEP 5 LIPS: Create a nude lip firstly using your complexion powder shade, apply a dusting to help mute natural pigment in the lips, complete the matte lip look by applying a layer of Craving Lip Fixation, the stain only.

            So which look will it be for you this New Year’s Eve? Share your stunning NYE makeup looks with us on Instagram, hashtag #janeiredaleNYE2014.

            Cheers to the year that was and the hopes and dreams of the year to come … May

            Thalgo Xmas packs in store now 2014 October 23, 2014 22:17 3 Comments

            Hydra marine 24h Cream 50ml

            Hydra marine serum 30ml, Absolute hydra marine Conc . RRP $129       Value $255


            Hydra marine 24h cream 15ml, Ultra Hydra moist mask 15ml, Marine shower gel 30ml, Intensive Nutrition Cream 30ml    RRP $29         Value $81


            Shaving Gel 100ml, After Shave Cream 75ml, Wake up Shower Gel 100ml

            RRP $69     value $134


            Silicium Cream 50ml, Silicium Concentrate 30ml, Silicium Eye Cream 10ml

            RRP $159     Value $307


            Collagen Cream 50ml, Collagen Eye Roll-On 15ml,

            Collagen Concentrate 20ml    RRP$129       Value $214


            Ultimate Time Solution Cream 50ml, Ultimate Time Solution Serum 30ml, Ultimate Time solution Eyes&Lips  10ml  RRP $249      Value $482






            Jane Iredale timeless beauty tips at 50!!! August 27, 2013 09:51 2 Comments

            Timeless Beauty at 50!

            Feel revived and ageless with this timeless look for the experienced face ’cause it’s not about age, it’s about attitude!

            mineral makeupSTEP 1: Prime your skin with a Foundation or Blending brush going over eyes and lips. Apply your favourite jane iredale foundation to match your skin tone. Set with a Hydration spray for a long lasting finish.

            STEP 2: Apply PureBrow Brow Gel in your desired colour to hold and tint the brow.

            STEP 3: Apply Connection In Touch Cream Blush to the apples of your cheeks with a foundation brush.

            STEP 4: Sweep PurePressed Eye Shadow in Champagne across lids as a base colour with Deluxe Shader, add Allure to the lid for highlight with a Smudge and blend Cappuccino across the contour with a Crease Brush. Use Brown Silk Eye Gloss as a liner with your Angle brush which won’t budge. Blend Cappuccino as a soft shadow liner under the lower lashes with a Small Fluff brush.

            STEP 5: Add Lash Conditioner, Longest Lash Black Ice, Pure Lash Lengthening Navy on the lower lashes to brighten the eyes.

            STEP 6: Add PureMoist Lipstick in Margi (expected to launch October 2013).

            Dream Tint .. The Original JI CC cream August 12, 2013 11:39 3630 Comments

            Dream tint , our original CC cream is a beautiful, light textured, oil free tinted moisturiser with SPF 15.It really is a dream come true. This super absorbent tinted moisturiser not only HYDRATES, but prevents water loss, calms irritation and improves skins elasticity. It can certainly be applied with your fingers, but to get best results, use the Blending Brush to blend it in.  


            CC cream is easily absorbed into the skin. It contains Titanium Dioxide , which provides immediate SPF 15 protection, and Boron Nitrate which creates soft focus effect on the skin that helps to minimises appearance of fine lines and pores . This leaves a flawless finish . Sea lipids help improve skin's elasticity and prevent trans epidermal water loss.  It can also be used as a skin primer.



            • Algae  Extract                                                    
            • Pomegranate   Extract
            • Titanium Dioxide
            • Boron nitrate                                                                 
            • White Tea leaf Extract                                                                


            Features and Benefits

            • Oil free Formulated with light weight minerals
            • Hydrating
            • Sheer to medium coverage       
            • Calms irritation and improves skin elasticity
            • Water resistant to 40 mins
            • Broad spectrum sun protection with SPF 15  UVA/UVB
            • Gives soft focus effect that minimizes fine lines


            Available in Light , Medium light , Medium Dark , Peach, Lilac and Warm Bronze

            Special   Dream tint , Blending Brush ,lip drink all for $99

            Thalgo Eye Catching Event August 5, 2013 14:25 3 Comments

             Complete Skincare's Eye Catching Event Day


            On  Thursday 15th August 2013 Complete skincare is having a fantastic event in the salon . We are offering a beautiful eye Treatment ( 30 mins ) using Thalgo's  Silicium eye range . This includes

            • Cleanse - Thalgo Gentle eye makeup remover
            • Tone  - thalgo Cocooning tonic
            • Exfoliate - Thalgo Freshness Exfoliate
            • Massage - Thalgo Collagen Concentrate
            • Eye machine massage  -  using Thalgo's specially designed eye sculptor
            • Moisturiser - Thalgo Silicium Eye cream


            Plus take home 2 full size products from Thalgo's Eye Silicium range .


            All for amazing price of $89 .

            Hurry !!!! There are only a few places left  . Full deposit required when booking to secure your place. 48 hrs notice appreciated on cancelling.



            xmas gift voucher packages here at complete skincare November 27, 2012 20:45 1 Comment

             Treat someone special at xmas with one of these gift voucher packages .


            Body Bliss Package

            Back,neck and shoulder massage ,manicure and mni pedicure  $125


            Express Package

            Back,neckand shoulder massage and mini facial  $125


            Sweet Sole Package

            Paraffin pedicure and paraffin manicure  $90


            Smooth and Soft Package

            Marine Collagen facial treatmentand Eye Bar Treatment  $150


            Utimate Indulgence Package

            Delux facial, eyelash tint, eyebrow shape, and pedicure  $190





            NEW From jane Iredale .......BB Cream foundation September 8, 2012 13:59 1 Comment


            Everyone's buzzing about BB Cream!

            NEW jane iredale Glow Time™ Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream is available in 6 shades!


            NEW Glow Time™ BB Cream incorporates natural minerals that adjust to all skin types to cover blemishes, minimise the appearance of pores and assist in disguising wrinkles and smoothing and brighten skin. Our original formula nourishes your complexion and helps protect skin from free radical damage.

            Tuscan Spray Tan August 20, 2012 14:17 2 Comments

            Warmer weather is finally approaching and with that comes  holiday escapes ,bare legs and lighter clothing . Now is the time to start preparing your skin and trialing the great colours of Tuscan tan spray tanning .

            Tuscan Tan™ professional spray tan solutions contain a unique combination of violet based bronzers that produce an instant natural tan shade when sprayed on the skin, and prevent yellow /orange undertones in the developed tan. The solution adapts to any skin type as it picks up and adopts the skin's individual darker tones, whilst deepening the colour of its lighter variations to produce the most authentic looking tan in any shade desired, from lightly sun-kissed through to the darkest of tans. Better still, the tan is non-sticky, smudge proof and completely odourless once the tan has developed.

            To kick of the spring season Complete skincare is offering 30% of all spray tans up to the 2nd of September 2012.   Come in and Try .Only $31.50

            The tan is prayed on with a specially made air gun in a properly ventilated unit . The result is a pecfectly applied (airbrushed look) with no streaking and no dark patches . The odour is minimal and tan last up to 10days .


            Lash out lashes August 13, 2012 09:33 16 Comments

            Did you know that Complete Skincare is now offering lash extensions. These look truly amazing . Very natural yet very glamorous.
            They are expertly applied one lash at a time . No clumping .  No one will be able to tell  except  for your eyes will be enhanced, lashes thicker ,longer and more beautiful.
            They take 2 hours for the first application and require regular 3 weekly fills to replace the lost lashes.
            Come in a try them but beware they are very addictive !!!!!
            First application $220         Refills $80