Ultrasound Product Infusion Treatments

Ultrasound Product Infusion uses low-frequency ultrasound vibrations to significantly improve the absorption of active ingredients into the skin up to 1000 times greater than if applied manually.

It causes small spaces to open between the skin cells that result in increased penetration of ingredients and the disruption of the lipid barrier caused by the ultrasonic vibrations also helps in the transdermal delivery.

Ultrasound Product Infusion can be customised to suit any skin type and condition, and is commonly used with antioxidant-powerhouses like Vitamin A & C, as well as other active cosmeceuticals and skin softeners. These actives are released deep down into the dermis to target the signs of aging, dehydrated skin, photo damage, pigmentation, poor skin texture and acne.

The Benefits of Ultrasound Product Infusion are:

- Improves fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity and firmness
- Increases hydration levels, plumping the skin
- Reduces pore size
-Repairs and rejuvenates all skin types
- Provides a healthy glowing complexion
- Reduces redness and inflammation
- Reduces acne breakouts and infection
- Improves sun damaged skin
- Improves pigmentation
- Regenerates and stimulates collagen and elastin fibres.

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